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I fell off a horse on Thursday. More accurately, I flung myself off a horse going about 20 mph to avoid an uncontrolled and potentially much more dangerous fall, potentially under his hooves. Before you shriek about how horrifying this is, consider: I've fallen off well over thirty times in my life, including headfirst and onto rocks. It wasn't a big deal, and I'm actually totally okay except for my ankle. 

My bright-purple, painful, thought-it-was-strained-bu
t-actually-it's-fractured ankle. 

It hurts, but not to a degree that is incapacitating. However, it's a transverse fracture across the medial malleolus (whatever, I don't really know, I'm pretty sure it's your inner ankle bone because that's what Hurts Like Fuck), with 4mm of separation. What that means in English is:holy god, your bone is coming off. Except slightly less theatrical, because it's not like it's really going anywhere. 

However, I do need surgery. This sucks. A lot. It's because it's separated enough that he doesn't know if it will heal together normally. It's a short surgery, only 45 minutes. I'll be in the Wellness Center for a couple days.

Which brings me to the crux of things. 

If you're around (some people tagged aren't), please come visit me? I will be bored out of my mind and in pain, and antsy because APPARENTLY THEY HAVE TO WATCH ME SO I DON'T GET UP AND WANDER ABOUT LIKE PEOPLE WITH ONE GOOD LEG ARE PRONE TO DO, and will need people to, like, play Bananagrams with me or something. Or just chat. My mother is around but I love you all tooooo.

(I'm actually quite a bit more freaked out about this than I'm letting on, but I'm too tired to really get into it right now.)

So. Um. Yeah. That's where I am the next few days. 
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I live in a house.

It is called McDavitt.

(Not MacDavitt, or McDavvit, or any other variations. McDavitt. I checked.)

It's the Reins For Life House (nevermind that two of us aren't officially in the RfL program). We volunteer at a local barn cleaning stalls and exercising/training their horses. Or we will as soon as we get our act together. The house is white, with a chimney at the back and a nice little pseudo-garage. Emma wants to keep a goat in it; I'm lobbying for a pony. There's a front porch with an Adirondack chair on it, and a very heavy but not unattractive front door. Walking in, the stairs are off to your right and the living room is in front of you. It's pretty big, and contains two couches, two low tables that we use for everything from study surfaces to extra counter space to a place to serve Afternoon Tea, and a TV. Also a beat-up chair we use to keep the door open, a large pillow for lounging on the floor, a mantle, and many shelves. The couches are not ugly, surprisingly. There are three windows. We spend a lot of time here, and have yet to turn on the TV.

Walk to the end of the living room and face the fireplace, and the dining room is off to the right. There is a table, four chairs, two metal lockers (extra storage), Emma's fridge, unplugged, and more cabinets. There's a windowseat/sideboard thing and four windows. We eat breakfast here, and have occasional dinner parties.

Off the dining room is the kitchen. Pretty basic: nice fridge, nice stove, old sink, very little counter space but a lot of cabinets. As in, takes five minutes to find anything number of cabinets. We cook, make tea, and wash up here.

There is a door in the kitchen. Walk through it and down the steps, you find yourself on a landing. Look left, and there's our backdoor. Sidedoor. Whatever. Continue down, and you find the main room of the basement, which contains the washer and dryer. Go through the poorly latched door to your left, and you will find the Very Disturbing Dirt Floor Room. Please don't go in. And shut the door after you, please. Go right from the main room, and you find the storage space. It's pretty large. Off of it is the Beat Up Couch and Random Table Room. Emma likes the couch. She thinks we should reupholster it and it would be nice. She is lying.

Go back upstairs, and go through the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, and on the other side of the living room is the den, which contains a folded Random Table, Emma's desk and bookshelf, Ashley's desk, and Sarah's bookshelf which Ashley uses. There are lots and lots of windows.

Proceeding up the stairs, Emily's door is the first on the left. We don't know what it looks like as the door is always shut. It may be a bit of une bordel or it may be ludicrously neat. Who knows?

Next on the left is Emma and Kat's room. Kat's bed is lofted way high up (she hits her knees on the ceiling) and Emma's is at about waist height (she wanted it lower, but it was stuck in the frame). The dressers are to the right, Kat's desk and bookshelf is straight ahead. The closet is on the far side of the dressers.

Backing up, our room, mine and Ashley's, is down a little side hallway that is to the right of the staircase landing. We are on the left side of that hall, and the bathroom is on the right. The bathroom has a tub with a shower. That is all I have to say about it.

Our room is small but nice. My bed is lofted, Ash's is tucked under it so it makes an L. The bookshelves are also underneath. My desk is at the foot of Ashley's bed, positioned so that I get a crossbreeze from the two windows. The dressers are stacked in back of me, three feet away, drawers facing towards me.The fridge is next to them, and the closet is between the fridge and the door. We have a "Foul Sewer, London, England" welcome mat and a white board on the door. Ash has up Harry Potter stuff and my pictures are mostly of horses.

That's it for the rooms.

For decoration we have Emma's flowers, my ribbon-quilt, a "Beware of Attack Horse" sign (go Sarah), a horse picture, two horse books, and four little model horses. And the giant pillow. I brought most of this because I overpack and like putting up posters.

Five people live here, officially. Emma, me, Ashley, Emily, Kat. Unofficially please add Sarah (my girlfriend) and Emily's boyfriend. We have Elana down here a lot, and sometimes Alison. As the year goes on, I'm sure that list will expand.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to go to bed.


coming soon: Classes!
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